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Kai is a unique word which has secured its place in the vocabulary of almost all modern-day languages. But, in Japnese, it means "Ocean" water which according to Ayurveda; is one of the five elements that the universe is made up of. It relates to nature. And the human body is 70 percent water and using natural products of Kai on skin feels like as if it's nature meeting nature.

Kai Essentials is a company where lots of creative and passionate people work together to improve the experience of personal hygiene. As of now, our primary focus area is to improve the bathing experience of our users with the handcrafted soaps prepared using natural ingredients. At Kai Essentials; we believe that anything that touches skin should touch the soul too. But this is not something that has been the focus area of most of the cosmetic companies. We realized that almost all the cosmetic products have some chemical ingredients that are very harmful to the skin. And it is quite disturbing. Even the regularly used bath soaps are not untouched by these chemicals.

The zeal to provide cosmetics with natural ingredients to society has been a key motivating factor for us to start this journey in the area of personal hygiene.

From day one, we have been quite clear about the fact that we are not going to make products in huge numbers by setting up automated industrial units for manufacturing. Machines do not have souls. But, at Kai, the products are embedded with feelings of love, care, and compassion; and this is possible only because the products are made by human hands.

We do not work on number based targets. Our proud comrades, who make these beautiful products; strive for continuous improvement and bringing Kai closer to your heart with every passing day. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with the products we make. In order to ensure that we make sure that our employees are satisfied because this is the basis for creating soulful products. consider Kai is a family and not workplace. And our customers are also part of this family. We always welcome inputs and feedback of our products so that we can improvise and provide better products.